Picture (Portrait) pt. 2

by We Are The Willows

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    Picture (Portrait) pt. 1 & 2 Track Listing:
    1. Picture
    2. (The Stationary And The Testament) ft. Alison Rae
    3. Dear Ms. Branstner
    4. (Beautiful Singing)
    5. We May Never Grow Old ft. PHOX
    6. (July 5th 1942)
    7. Eva, Eva, Eva
    8. (Someday I Will Leave You)
    9. To Me, From You
    10. (Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do)
    11. My New Name
    12. (37322636) ft. The Daredevil Christopher Wright
    13. Stillborn And Stuttering
    14. (Seems and Seams) ft. Monica Martin
    15. Wedding Song
    16. (In The Garden)
    17. Turpentine To An Open Wound
    18. (Honey Lamb, I Haven't Much To Write)
    19. Wondering Out Of My Head
    20. (Portrait)
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released April 24, 2016



all rights reserved


We Are The Willows Minneapolis, Minnesota

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Track Name: 2. (The Stationary And The Testament) ft. Alison Rae
I’m alive in heart and mind, a man among so few; it was a lonely art out in the cold dark dark.
I burned your words, I breathed them in, I buried them as seeds where those trees had been. And deep in my skin.
I wrote your name, I spelled it out. I whispered it into my hands as a prayer: a testament there.
To all of you that’s part of me, is part of me in you? All I can do is hope that it's true.
I wander and I walk about the torn and tattered earth of myself.
It doesn’t help that war has placed inside of me an ocean, a ravine in between my words and their meaning.
The man I was, the man I am, the one I want to be are all above me and out of my reach.
Though I survived, I’m alive, I’m a casualty of your love and war, and nothing more.
Track Name: 4. (Beautiful Singing)
Audio recorded summer of 2012 in Shoreview, MN.
Track Name: 6. (July 5th, 1942)
Is it commonplace for a woman to wait, for to keep a man from loving her?
On July 5th, there was restlessness for the holy holiest in their tabernacle bliss.
There is new life in our lord Jesus Christ, in the back seat sitting next to me.
I am Lazarus to your each and every kiss, John the Baptist
to your dove descending lips.
Ten thousand fed to your shoulder resting head, I’m taking up the blood and body of this new life. My new life.
Track Name: 8. (Someday I Will Leave You)
Eva, Eva, Eva. Someday I’ll leave you here for our heavenly home.
And on that day, I beseech you to know that I need you here in our heavenly home.
Track Name: 10. (Wherever You Go, Whatever You Do)
So far away. So much for time and place, my Evie.
For now I’m here, more or less you’re there.
My memory serves me as a sapling greened in the ground until it's brown.
Time has a mind to hew it down.

So far away. Not too far for me to say:
“My confidence in you is calm and complete so long as you reserve a place for me
as I’ve reserved a place for you, wherever you go, whatever you do.”
What if I am afraid to die? Will you hold my hand and take me to the promised land?
Track Name: 12. (37322636) ft. The Daredevil Christopher Wright
When the world was young and all I had to offer was love,
my dust and dirt, my will gave birth to you.
Who can blame me for what I’ve made here?
I’ve made love and war, what is more, you’ve buried me.
So, I’ll leave you be.
You’ll find your way with or without me.
You will carry on,
a numbered man among so many.
Track Name: 14. (Seems and Seams) ft. Monica Martin
I heard a voice on the radio.
The waves they bounce between
everything, you and me.
This voice is a stitch to a seam
that our life has torn,
the world borne,
that I am mending.
My love is a stitch to a seam.

I am in love with all that I have known thus far of you, about you.
All that I have learned of love and war thus far: a stitch to, a stitch to
seams and seams.
Track Name: 16. (In The Garden)
Audio recorded in the summer of 2012. Alvin and Verlie Miller sing “In The Garden.”
Track Name: 18. (Honey Lamb, I Haven't Much To Write)
Honey lamb, with your belly full and your heart out in that open air.
Love like a lover should, dream of me, and write often enough.
Or pretend I haven’t been gone very long, and I’ll pray that heaven will stay its almighty hand.

For I don’t know when I’ll be home; I’m a sling, I’m a stone in David’s hand.
Will I be saved, will I be thrown at the brow of the world’s Goliath man?
Will you be bathing on the roof, will I come to you on furlough?
Or be sent to the gate, to fight or to wait for a killing hand?

So Honeylamb, don’t wait up for me. For I may already be asleep in the end.
Track Name: 20. (Portrait)
Audio recorded in December of 2012. Reading by Verlie Miller.